Don't Worry About The Pool Party.


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Recorded in a remote cabin near downtown Austin.


released October 18, 2011

Corey Baum
Michael Pierce




DUMB Austin, Texas


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Track Name: Hey We're Dumb
So we gotta gig
Don't know if we're ready
But we jumped on it
Like fat kids and spaghetti

Keep Austin Dumb
Is really all we're saying
Michael Pierce on drums
And Taber Fuckin Maine
Track Name: Nov 2 1999
I was waiting for the sound of his first swing
My friends were scattered all around just listening
And I said, can't you read my lips?
He said boy, I ain't reading shit

See we had all just heard the news about who won
We were struggling just to booze when like a shotgun
Through the door, came a group of them
Yellin boys, we just did it again

So now I"m squaring off with him across me
I felt my head start to swim as he got me
I cursed god, and screamed out what a night
First we lost the election and then I lost the fight
Track Name: Guys On Scooters Kind Of Look Like Girls
Guys on scooters get the girls but then
Guys on scooters kinda look like girls
I don't know, what to do, when I'm alone with you
I don't know, what to do, when I'm with you

Wore my boots and I wore my jeans
I was tryna look cute but you were still so mean
I don't know, what to do, when I'm alone with you
I don't know, what to do when I'm with you

Went out drinking at the dance party
I got way to drunk at the dance party
I don't know what to do when I'm alone with you
I don't know what to do when I'm with you
Track Name: Roll Along
Time was your home weren't a highway away
But that kind of loving just weren't built to stay
And soon as I heard you'se fixin on stayin
I went rollin along

I roll along,
I roll along
I roll alooooooooonnnnngggg

Now thousands of miles they seperate our homes
But i am loving you still from my phone
And I won't be left here to roll on alone
So lets go rolling along

I roll along

So hit me and cheat me and beat me with lies
Tell me you love me with fear in your eyes
Leave me and keep me away from your mind
And I'll go rolling along

I'll roll along
Track Name: We're Dumb Too
So that's our set
Thank you all for listening
Bout as good as it gets
Without too much rehearsing

The songs are dumb
but so is most of Austin
Next time you come
We'll be even more awesome